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American Girl & Lifetime Patriot. God ALWAYS Wins! Truth seeker and teller. Always think for yourself! Stand for the children!

Richard Dobbs Spaight is one of David's
grandfathers that signed the US

DAVID STRAIGHT: WE THE PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE POWER TO ABOLISH AND ESTABLISH NEW GOVERNMENT ANYTIME WE SEE FIT When We The People come together, we are powerful and can get stuff done! Donald J. Trump became a State National in 2008. "If you act like prey, the predators will come. When you act like a sheepdog protecting the flock, your family, the
wolves won't come near." - David Lester Straight

5G was designed to kill but thanks to trump he stopped all of that.

David Strait confirms the treasury was audited and then seized, he also then confirms that US Bank, and Wells Fargo have already switched over to the QFS.

The truth about the Beirut blast

David talks about a 70,000 year old spaceship found buried in a glacier and the technology the Navy was able to retrieve from material found inside.

Hmm…they call it an Event.

Doing my part in helping restore freedom to America while kicking evil in the ass. Guided by God the Father, Jesus Christ & my ancestors!

You think the Brits just gave up after 1776?

If they could enslave our minds they could control us from across the pond. That’s exactly what they’ve done.

When our entire system is under the “British Accredited Registry” or BAR system, they sit back in their castles and mansions and laugh at us.

It’s totally pathetic!

This all ties back to the crown.

6.5.19 ended it.

1776 is coming again!

Be with GOD and trust his plan... Q TEAM and the 1111 thing too, Looking for the truth dark to LIGHT . #WWG1WGA Took My Oath.

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We are close = Holly shit.... There was a post a long time ago that Q would not post again until the shit was going to hit the fan. Are we there yet.

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Pelosi and all other members of Congress are NO LONGER members of Congress, they've forfeited their rights and offices by committing an act of TREASON.

They are no longer lawful members of Congress, (and this doesn't even include the Supreme Court justices who are complicit in carrying out this treason against our Nation!!), thanks to Section 3 of 14th Amendment. They are now considered enemies of the Republic who have aided a foreign power in stealing an election. When you have committed an act of treason, you forfeit your rights as an American. You have no rights. Military law vs civilian law?

Any evidence is admissible in a military tribunal court, so Pelosi's stolen laptop, along with the other 11 stolen laptops, can be used in her military tribunal along with everything else Pelosi has done, to lock her and the others away for good.

Family is everything. MAGA. Dark to Light! 🥰🥰God Bless President Trump, Flotus & family.🙏🏻 🇺🇸WWG1WGA. 🇺🇸 God always wins. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

On March 9, 2017, then-FBI Director James Comey met with congressional leaders, the “Gang of 8,” to brief them on the status of their counterintelligence investigation of former President Donald Trump. He met first with Senate leaders and then with House leaders.
Comey was armed with a seven-page memo containing talking points that had been prepared the previous day by former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.


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Lots of black swan chatter out there...most of it around Finance.
It doesn't always have financial meaning though. Let's see what happens...

I'm a conservative & patriotic Trumpster who lives in the Sunflower State of KANSAS, a pro-life Christian, retired & happily married. 💔

Digital soldier. Dark->Light #GodWins #SaveTheChildren #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #17! #MAGA #MEGA

#Christian #Husband #Father #Veteran #Anon #Patriot #WWG1WGA #MAGA #USAF #NCSWIC

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#Christian #Husband #Father #Veteran #Anon #Patriot #WWG1WGA #MAGA #USAF #NCSWIC

The Evils of Paper Money Have No End

If you want to deal with inflation, you’ve got to deal with the evils of paper money and the federal reserve that is printing it.

Nothing special to note, except for our strong defense of freedom and life

Anonup is the most significant social media platform right now, and hardly anyone knows. It’s like a super exclusive club but with zero membership fees and an open door policy.

Proud Canadian! ❤🇨🇦❤🐸 Migrated here after the 11th Twitter Purge in January 2021! TOP KEK!🐸 "Question Everything, & Use Discernment"

So this is happening this month, on the morning of June 24th - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Get your cameras at the ready. 🍿

In fact, this will be a seven-planet alignment as Neptune and Uranus will also join the show. However, these two giant ‘planets’ are too dim to be spotted with the naked eye.

An additional bonus is the waning crescent Moon, shining between Venus and Mars. 🐸🎥


Grandmother of 6, Q follower, Trump Supporter. I live in the beautiful mountains of Virginia! Been following for 5 yrs. Dad, 27yr Marine!

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Posted from tictok today, Man says 4 WalMarts in his area, destroying ALL food in the stores, manager claims food is tainted!

Truth seeker, Child of God, WWG1WGA, Trump is my President, Love of Nature, animals, and people in general. God Wins...

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Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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I do believe these are the pages regarding cancer treatments and Ivermectin embedded within the NIH website.


Still wondering why the main site is offline - but if anyone wanted to archive this information, here you go

Recently retired, no longer affiliated with any party. Constitutional patriot listening for God’s word

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They’re really counting on sterilization through the vaxx

I was FlyAnon on Twitter and Gab... Supports Trump, Transparency, Q, Rule of Law and Disclosure of Crime in Government.

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know this is a spiritual battle of good vs evil as we will see in the nature of deeds to be exposed?


Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take it (Extended Version) (Official Music Video) - YouTube

You're watching the official music video for Twisted Sister - "We're Not Gonna Take it (Extended Version)" from the album 'Stay Hungry' (1984). "We're Not Go...

Energy Shifter helping the World Transform their lives into the New Earth! Host of Soul Talk Soul Life Media Patriot to the Core...

"People ask me all the time how I knew — all the way back in the early months of 2020 — that the Durham investigation was a sham. (What do I mean by a sham —you ask? I mean a counterfeit of real justice — a ploy — a ruse to mislead the public.) It wasn’t because I had sources at the FBI or the DOJ. I correctly predicted the Durham investigation was a joke because the Huber investigation was a joke, and because the Hillary Clinton email investigation was a joke, and because the Huma Abedin laptop investigation was a joke, and because the Jeffrey Epstein investigation was a joke….

You get the idea.

I correctly predicted that the federal government doesn’t really investigate itself in order to successfully prosecute Democrats. Call it Emerald’s Law."


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Good Morning VK. Happy Father’s Day.
I would think a SLOW DRIP would be a better way to irrigate.

The Reptilian / Antichrist says “Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood live in me and I live in you”

Do you get this?
It’s a ritual for the dark forces to get permission and have entrance into your sacred vessel.

When you stop participating in their rituals and sacrifices, you cut access off to them, as all of your energy and prayers were going to the dark archonic forces / false Gods🦎

You must stop giving your energy and power away if you ever want to escape the 3D prison and Ascend to a higher dimension, Consciously, physically and spiritually.

These are not the words of Light or from brother Jesus. These are the words from the Negative Anunnaki who have been enslaving humans for thousands of years and living off of us physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. They are a Parasitic force. They need your energy to survive because they do not get it from God Source.
-Justin Bellucci


Q follower Arizona #KAG Patriot who loves God and Country #MAGA Trump/JFKJr 2020 #SaveTheChildren Evil Won't Survive in 5D

Listen 👂 what this truck driver is saying


HAD TO DO IT!!!😂😂😂

Follow 👉@PapiTrumpo [TS = 2:23] > < 322 Skull & Bones


💧322 [Obama]

4th quarter, Patriots.
We fight together.