Heres an out there idea... What if the military cheated to get Trump's win in 2016 election? I think more accurately the Military would have prevented the cheating by nullifying the attempts, to get Trump in to set in place the pieces only a President can do.

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the miliary/Q fixed the machines so Trump won (as he rightfully would have, Hilary wasn’t close to winning and Obama didn’t really win either. Heard this from numerous sources. BidAN is only part of the show. Trump still commander in chief-this was all planned from long ago and it is important for optics and “waking up” that people think BidAn won. The election fraud was a miltary sting operation to make arrests as well as wake people up to how elections really work.

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Something was manipulated either pro or con to get Trump in office. Unfortunately someone learned from their mistakes and made sure it would not happen again. Unfortunately Biden is President until proven otherwise......and to date, zero proof. Hopeful, but not drinking the kool-aid.