With you crazy anons since the movement began. The original Hippy Chic has returned. Love you all~

In response PATRIOT 777 to her Publication

I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme in 2017. I do not recommend antibiotics but I can tell you that Ivermectin cures it. Released in Lyme CT as a bioweapon, not exactly sure what year.

Believer/Christian APL 79.4 I've seen war 1st hand + more child suffering than most. Not suicidal - but know enough to be dangerous.

Starseed-Lightworker-Empath I follow Jesus/Yeshua TEXAN And Retired farmer, Grandma, Trump is my PRESIDENT - PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN-

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny : The Tsunami Of Death I Have Been Talking About Is Here!! All Vaccines Are Bioweapons!! (On Stew Peters Show, December 5, 2022)


Born a rebel, mom of 9, former ER/NICU/PICU/Peds nurse, now M.Ed. Spec Ed, anti-vax, off grid lover, Christ follower, won't tolerate BS...

In response PATRIOT 777 to her Publication

I don't know how to DM people or how that all works - I'm technologically disabled ;)

You get Lyme from a tick bite normally, but you can also get it from anything that bites you (fleas, mosquitoes, lice, etc) and thru body fluids. Lyme is a politically hot topic and doctors can lose their license if they treat you - antibiotics and antiparasitics are used to treat Lyme. No one knows where it came from, but in the 1950's when the Nazi scientists were welcomed into the US, within a few years we had Lyme disease. Obviously a bioweapon that got loose and spread across the US and world at this point.

Testing is laughable. The common test they use is almost 100% false negatives on people who are positive, especially if you have chronic Lyme (more than 6 months) and don't know you have it. There are about 40 other tick diseases that are comorbid with Lyme, they piggy back with Lyme so you end up with even more diseases...

Continuing...out of room on this one.

I am my word! Truthful, Big hearted, and full of unconditional LOVE! WOOHOO Thank you GOD!

People are ill with some bug again
They used bioweapons on us and we are okay with it.
Most people don't believe their government would do this.
Not sure about this map.
I think it's time to firehose the entire planet.
Separate the dirty laundry from the clean, then sanitize
These demons

I'm a research scientist in Private Practice Genetics & Genomics, Immunology & Infectious Disease, Biology, Integrated Biology & In

“The most evil crime in our nation’s history is being committed right now, on our watch. American adults and innocent children are being injured, disabled and killed by being psychologically manipulated and coerced into being participants of a heinous global experiment of being injected with mRNA technology bioweapons under the guise of COVID-19 vaccines.”


APPARENTLY, this old blind, Balkan, fortune teller has predicted - with accuracy;
9/11, tensions with North Korea, Brexit, Barack Obama's presidency, the death of Princess Diana ...to name a few.

Well shes got a few big ones for 2023 on her list.

In 2023, a "big country" will carry out bioweapons research on people.

A nuclear power plant explosion in 2023.

An Alien attack, in which millions will die.

Human babies grown in labs

Who knows, maybe we will get the Alien invasion. At least we wont have to go to work the next day. (Most of us anyway)

Link to the predictions article


Aussie Patriot. Nasty1 on twit-ta . I walk my own path, share my own thoughts & my own digs.

I dont speak Ukrainian but, i'll translate anyway.

Dear Western Governments, Politicians & the Elite that have used our country to create Bioweapons bases, to Launder money , to traffic drugs & to traffic children. We have all the dirt & evidence on you.
Give us a Trillion Dollars or your crimes will be exposed.

U.S. Navy Veteran. Investigative Researcher. Into The Fitness and Health Lifestyle. Lives in The North-East of The U.S.A.

Covid/Monkey Pox/ Vax/ Drug Hoax:
• Cure to Reverse the Covid Vaccine: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fzE4YeJq3RIT/
• The truth we've all been sharing and have been censored for...is now surfacing from Wuhan Lab scientist.
• A scientist admits that Covid was man-made and references Covid as a bioweapon! This violates Law of War Chapter / Section 6.9! https://conservativefighters.co/news/scientist-who-worked-at-wuhan-lab-says-covid-was-man-made-virus/
• Another Vaxxed Pilot Crashes and Burns | Real Raw News

Born a rebel, mom of 9, former ER/NICU/PICU/Peds nurse, now M.Ed. Spec Ed, anti-vax, off grid lover, Christ follower, won't tolerate BS...

In response PATRIOT 777 to her Publication

Not to push things on you, but have your heard of detoxes like glutathione, NAC and others? NAC can help repair cellular damage.

There are options other than what is found in the medical world...just want to make sure you are aware of other options out there.

May not cure you but may help improve your life - it has helped a lot with my RA (studies are showing auto immune disease is caused by parasites, which is why anti-parasitic and antibiotics work on RA but doctors today refuse to treat this way - it was the standard treatment from 1930's onward until big pharma cranked out meds that were very expensive, some are $6000 per dose).

My family has chronic lyme, so we have been on ivermectin since before the pandemic, self prescribed - keeps us all functional and doing well...if one of us ends up with a flare, we hit it with antibiotics and it dies down again. Constant battle...I firmly believe Lyme is a bioweapon that escaped. Never had before 1950's...

Escaped the MATRIX of New Haven & Boston. RN. Prayer warrior. In it to win it. Grateful. TEAM Q. PATRIOT.

COPIED: “I feel that very soon we should all be receiving honours degrees. After all, for the past few years we’ve had to become quasi-experts on myriad topics.
We’ve learned about viruses, pathogens, parasites, cells, vaccines, drugs, nano technology, blood clots, immunity in general, bioweapons, DNA modification, mRNA technologies, gain of function, food additives, water, weather modification techniques, chemtrails, geoengineering, riot control, common law, the ‘strawman’ concept, the hidden meaning of words, the fraudulent nature of the financial system, banksters, fraudsters, secret societies, cults, satanism, rituals, pedophilia, the abortion industry, human trafficking, organ trafficking, border control, immigration, false flag events, crisis actors, wars for profit, corruption beyond belief, control systems, surveillance, censorship, electoral processes, CBDCs, 1.

U.S. Navy Veteran. Investigative Researcher. Into The Fitness and Health Lifestyle. Lives in The North-East of The U.S.A.

TRANSHUMANISM - AGENDA FOR ETERNAL LIFE - CLONE YOUR BODY, UPLOAD YOUR MEMORY: https://rumble.com/v1mf55y-transhumanism-agenda-for-eternal-life-clone-your-body-upload-your-memory.html

THIS IS HOW CLONING WORKS example: RENEE ZELLWEGER: https://rumble.com/v1l7pvb-this-is-how-cloning-works-example-renee-zellweger.html
A TRANSHUMANIST NIGHTMARE — HUMAN CLONING — CloneAid: https://rumble.com/v1mf0mw--a-transhumanist-nightmare-human-cloning-cloneaid.html
DISNEY EXPOSED - THE TRUTH ABOUT DISNEY: https://rumble.com/v1kig8x-disney-underground-have-cloning-factories.html
SPECIAL - CLONES AND CLONING: https://rumble.com/v1myhdc-special-clones-and-cloning.html
CLONING FACTORIES IN UKRAINE: https://t.me/DUMBSandUnderground/43647

U.S. Navy Veteran. Investigative Researcher. Into The Fitness and Health Lifestyle. Lives in The North-East of The U.S.A.

Qnadian MAGA Train rider...EH

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