Beth Angel McPatriot @AngelMcPatriot
01 June, 12:10
Good for normies to hear...

A little reality about COVID as a bioweapon - Dr D Martin
Welcome to the rabbit hole. Dr. Martin's testimony to the European Union in Brussels.

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Redwave Crashin @Redwavecrashin
31 May, 03:46
Is a must watch hour long documentary exposing how big pharma unleashed not only a bioweapon on the world thru SARS-CoV-2 but also how nanotechnology was used in combination with graphene oxide to create the mRNA technology for the vaccine. Creating transhumanism by altering your God given DNA.
Also how ai is going to be the end of humanity. It is inherently evil.
Q said last year in November that "There is a fight for your DNA"
"Protect it"

Watching this documentary gave me absolutely no doubt they was right.

Link in comments.🔗

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Disclosure Library @DisclosureLibrary
31 May, 06:54

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Mama Tee donated @MamaT
30 May, 11:59
🇨🇭 Triple Covid jab Bioweaponized Swiss Banker Pascal Najadi turned antivaxxer, calls to stop the WHO Plandemic Treaty:

" We have been poisoned.......I’m a living example or dying example of 3 Pfizer shots that have damaged my blood cells. I have the auto immune illness now and my cancer risk has exploded 1000% according to Prof. Dr Bhakdi who made my report"

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Kat istheSea3 donated @KatistheSea3
30 May, 11:57
🇺🇸 5-23 Juan O Savin
ANTARCTICA’S in the mix but so is ASTANA.
People need to understand the connection between the two..
The Nazis sent 42k women to Antarctica
to support the German Army there in 1942.
There’s no record of them ever having come back.

🇨🇦 Charlie & Colleen Freak
The Capital of Kazakhstan, completed 2019, is ASTANA
anagram for SATAN.
A wonderful name for a place that’s harvesting children.
The DS plan:
C-19, vax/bioweapon, 5G, FEMA camps & incinerators,
America falls & the NWO headquarters in Astana.

🇺🇸 Gene Decode
Many D.U.M.B.S in AU/NZ were taken out in 2021
& Kazakhstan in 2022

😼 After the demons had installed HRC as POTUS
& shut down the world for 8-years
& killed most of Humanity with a bioweapon/vax
Hillary would have started a war with Iran
to secure Kazakhstan for the bloodlines’ # 1 crop: Children.
For their $value, blood/adrenochrome, organs,
as food, sex slaves, sacrifice, etc.

Antarctica & Astana = DS NWO Nazis

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