Ok so the only thing that I really didnt get yesterday was when Neg 48 said to paraphrase that ppl say that DJT is finishing what JFK started but it is really the opposite?
If JFK was the original Q how dies that make sense?
Maybe Nana just having brain freeze on this one what u think?

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If I understand your question, Nana, here's an answer
from Juan O Savin history:

Q was originally formed for President Lincoln
to put him in the White House.
A few weeks after Lincoln was POTUS
deep-state-bloodline-bankers started the Civil War.
Lincoln needed to borrow money
but they wanted 40% interest
Lincoln refused & created his own
debt-free, demon-banker-free currency.
Lincoln won the war
& after the war his "Greenbacks" were worth more than Gold.
So the Bankers assassinated him.

JFK created HIS Q-Team because he feared for his life.
THAT Q-team was a small group of Military advisors.
JFK was going to issue debt-free-bloodline-free currency
with EO 11110—so the bankers assassinated him.

After President Kennedy's murder
Q-Team determined to rid the world of the deep state
It has taken 58 years to get here & they've done it.
The demons & their matrix are dust.

I BELIEVE the GENIUS Q-Team number less than 10.
Earthlings & Galactics 💞

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Grandmother of 6, Q follower, Trump Supporter. I live in the beautiful mountains of Virginia! Been following for 5 yrs. Dad, 27yr Marine!

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These are our greatest HEROES!

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In response Angels Here to her Publication

Time Travel it seems to me.
Think Mirror right?
what if DJT started it and in fact JFK is here finishing in the shadows while DJT is running interferance like 48 said?
JFK said back then “we chose to go to the moon in this decade” is that this decade?
so many questions
what a time to be alive Nana

Nana, Direct Internal connection to God, WWG1WWA, MAGA, Angels are here already #FightLikeFlynn

In response Justin Gregory to his Publication

That did cross my mind that DJT was the time traveler that went back in time to warn JFK about the assination.
I have felt for a couple of yrs tha JFK was alive but i heard that he died sometime last yr.
I think JFK and JR have been in the shadows the whole time. If DJT was realky Gen Pattons Son perhaps henis Lincoln incarnate. I also believe that one of the vets we saw at rallies was actually DJT from the future.

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