D-DAY 77 (G=7th letter of alphabet = G-7)
D-Day = Special Operation LAUNCH
G-7 Summit 2021 = Water Theme
+ BlackHat CENTRAL

G7-7G (mirror) G-7 = 77 = GG
UK = U21 K11 21+11= 32 = 322
= Skull Bones 322 BlackHat CENTRAL

June 11-13 = G-7 (mirror 322)
All operators in same central local

Watch the Water = W32 T20 W23 = WTW 322/223 Reads same frontward & backward (mirror)

Watch the Water = REFLECTION = Think MIRROR

build back better/blood brain barrier
= bbb = 666 (Scull & Bones 322)
G-7 = Cornwall UK - Is the corn (on the COB CLNTN/OBMA/BDN) RIPE for harvesting?

Watch the G-7 Summit + + + so many 7’s

May 5 = 5/5 = 5:5 = Eyes ON = Clock Activated
3:09 = Q309 = Justice (JUSTICE!)

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I still believe in the goodness and generosity of the American people. I love my country and will always STAND for GOD, Family and Freedom.

Why is that wave/water design also in the GITMO logo?

If [they] can't take your guns [they'll] try taking your bullets

G7 mirrored is 7G
Is that the goal? Not 5G but 7G?
G= gene
7 = god
only not the god we'd want!
The transhumanism process by the mRNA mark-of-the-beast is their god-gene
activated by 7G radiation???

I hate lawlessness. God Wins and so do we if we are serving him. I can do all things threw Christ who strengthens me. Shalom

wouldn't that be icing on the cake if the white hats went in at G7 and rounded them all up at one fell swoop. Be still my beating heart. one can pray.

If [they] can't take your guns [they'll] try taking your bullets

In response Kerry McLaughlin to her Publication

that'd be great but i think it means they're gathering to plan what to do when they activate the nanoparticles in their mark-of-the-beast, dna transformative mRNA shot

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God is everything, literally. Blessed, married, mom x2, ❤️USA, Trump, military, patriots ,MAGA. 🤬 pedos commies & traitors of ALL stripes

In response Ozi Patriot to his Publication

exactly what they need👊👏🏻🙏

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God1st PrayerWarrior Healer of bodies & souls


Water Theme + BlackHat CENTRAL
UK underwater? Death of [g]7 in aggregate?

Can anyone explain what all this Gs, 7s, Whatch The Wates and the rest mean in real money?


Amazing decode! Thank you!

Awesome! Thank you

Followed Q from the beginning, thank you to Dave at X22. WWG1WGA UK Patriot

The G7 Sumit is being held at Carbis Bay Hotel. Watch the water...... they are not going to fly in on a group of Black Hawkes and arrest them are they? Now that would be worth a watch

D Day as in our own backyard

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt. Love my Country.

Bet the fools at the G7 are worried.

Raised a patriot, raised our kids patriots. Love the USA, Love the Lord. #wwg1wga #MAGA #nevergivingup

Watch the water perhaps?