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Educated, but not done..Catching the inside up with the outside. Leave it as good as you found it if not better. do it right if ya can!

The medical "profession" has lost their everlovin freakin minds. You can not isolate someone who is ailing. They need those healing touches more than any other time. Besides if you are healthy the small fractured amount of the flu virus will possibly make ya not feel the best but then when ya get a larger portion, your body will say, "oh yeah, I recognize this and get to work killing it. " {herd immunity} But hell what do I know, I've only raised 4 children and helped with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I don't have a fancy sheepskin hanging on my wall. lol And no one is paying my thousands of dollars to be a mouth piece either. LOL

Suspended and locked out by Twitter 01/20 2021, it was awful lonely without frens. American patriot on a rock in the middle of the ocean

the plan to relocate people to camps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COVID is a planned death agenda

Child of God, mother of two, retired R.N. Proud to be an American! God bless the USA!

CDC is DONE! This is evil beyond the imagination! We will NEVER comply with any of your tyranny! America and the world will fight back.... and know THIS....God will have His way in all of this!