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Elon + DOGE

Ever try spelling doge backwards? E God sounds bad to me as a mirror image.

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E-Mail is short for electronic mail. E-God is short for electronic god =Artificial Intelligence. Yes doge in the reverse mirror e-god, is symbolic of their AI -electronic "artificial" and non organic demi-god. Be careful everyone. Souls are being tested and judged now, especially by some who you trust the most. The Bible warns against being preoccupied with money in the final days. Spiritualists who also believe in an Intelligent Creator have their own understanding of an earth dimensional frequency separation, where some will move into the organic realms where the abundance of the Creator is freely a given, like in the original Eden, and others will re-enter or enter for the first time, a 26.000 year cycle of polarization, where there is also an artificial simulation in play when in the fear based vibrations which is the experience of feeling separated from God. One then seeks power from outside of itself, by stealing it, deceiving people for it, or by working very hard for it.