Earth Alliance @Hampata
05 December, 03:00
Q) 💧The Storm Rider /Official Page, [5.12.2023 г. 7:23]💧
They will all expose their government and regimens of corruption tied to vaccine deaths, cover ups. Fake pandemics.

From New Zealand to Europe to Mexico to the U.S. Canada and beyond the MASSIVE Great Awakening operations is taking place.
I'm the next 4_7 months will be the fastest awaking movements to take place on earth.

Elon Musk took down Disney CEO who challenged him with in a few hours by having tens of millions imminently boycottimg Disney.
" Go fuck your self) Musk said... And also gave COMMS that the world will choose the right. ( He was actually giving COMMS letting everyone know he can maneuver an army of global Patriots against the deep state in a moments notice

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Earth Alliance @Hampata
05 December, 02:43
Q)💧 The Storm Rider /Официална страница, [5.12.2023 г. 4:22]💧
*NOTE * Jesus was a real person with important super intelligence and his understanding of the true Spiritual energy that can bend reality and time.. Which means defeat death. TIME TRAVEL< ////
_unfortunately alot of his true teachings were hidden and suppressed<
Now there are over 20,000 different denominations of Christianity and they are all fighting about who is right and wrong.

>The Roman/Christian wars created the first banking Systems and military intelligence and massive human trafficking networks. They stole most of Europe and large parts of middle east gold, silver, arts resources and historical documents and his them under the Vatican vault's and caves...

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Rompt Theodoor @oeralinda
04 December, 08:04

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HTG TheolddoG @HTGthelapis
04 December, 04:14
I feel like we're all in some sort of Waiting Mode...
That's not a problem... we have learned that well in recent years.
The twist will come... as has been said: The Best is yet to come!
A warm greeting from a cold Europe to all patriots...

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Robert Wakefield @Robertauthor
04 December, 04:09
Meaning everything 11.3 happens on 11.4 and it is RAPID FIRE.
They are going to drop all the Declas Documents at once that will shutdown the Internet.

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