IRAN is behind the HAMAS attacks in ISRAEL. We were told to WATCH IRAN and that ISRAEL WOULD BE SAVED FOR LAST. Are we finally HERE (last stages of the journey before Great Awakening)?

BDN to visit FORD plant in Michigan TUESDAY = QD 1120 = CARS / US / FORD / START / TUESDAY. Is this the beginning of the end (the START)?

I’m sure the real reason BDN is visiting MI is to help facilitate an interruption in upcoming 2020 voter fraud & presidential election irregularity inquiries.

We’re reaching the final stages of the performance and everyone who can be woken up will be (4-6% lost forever). JUSTICE, VINDICATION, LIBERTY and GREAT AWAKENING ON THE WAY - END GAME.

All must be DONE BY BOOK.

Sometimes plot seem to be twisted, but from GOD point of view

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