NEW Dan S Tweet = AMAZING COM x3!

POST: 4/17/2021 4+1+7+2+2+1 = 17 = Q

TIME: 11:15 1+1+15 = 17 = Q

DATE: 4+1+9+2+1 = 17 = Q

🦅🇺🇸 = Eagle Landing = DJT return to POTUS-POSIT-SOON (DS often uses EMOJI-COMS).

DS was following 823 people when he tweeted this (@ JACK being his last follow which is VERY INTERESTING) and since has changed his following count again (which is always a sign of COMS).

1183 = QD-1183 = Treason prospers no one - study EO’s - SKY EVENT - FTP - WWG1WGA .
7:03 = QD 703 Rest In Peace JFK (Q’s Origin).
5-12 = May 12 = QD-512 (Truth belongs with the PEOPLE - 2018 Delta - News beginning to leak & it IS - Brute force will be necessary & it WILL be).

T-2 = TRUMP ADMIN version TWO


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Hammurabi...please help me with this decode 😂
I think 11.3 (Military Control) Started With Trump’s Tweet June 1st, 2020!!
Then Q4388 explains it all.
🚨🚨Today’s DOD Tweet at SIX O’Clock!!!

Also...As of yesterday...LEVEL 4 Travel Restrictions WW! 😬😳

See my post..Thoughts?

Thanks for your efforts. Can you give me your take on the following comments Genny Mikey Flynn made earlier today?

Update: General Flynn 'the foreign interference is real, confirmed by our intelligence agencies, the IP back-traces are real, if I fought for anything this is the most important thing I've ever fought for, not for Donald Trump or for anyone else, for America.'

If what he is saying true, why the audit in Maricopa County and why the continued dog and pony show? If all evidence is in and confirmed, why not end this entire scam today and start PUBLICLY arresting, perping, trying and hanging EACH and EVERY treasonous traitor involved?

Are we 100% certain "Patriots are in Control"? Wouldn't this portion of the scam be wrapping up RIGHT NOW and TODAY if so?

so wth does it mean...I'm sick of codes

Just a patriotic countryman that hates the traitorous Deep State

In response Tempus Anon to his Publication

it means absolutely nothing, just like the rest of the decodes that never happened. just prepare for the worst and hope for the best. whatever is going to happen will happen. but not one single decode has been accurate yet, not just here but everywhere. it's all simple wishful thinking and personal speculation as to what any and all posts mean or point to.

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It took awhile, but God finally woke me up..Now I'm a determined Patriot ready to fight with my fellow human beings and change the world..

Awesome decode!! Thank you for sharing this..I needed some good news today..🇺🇸

#FamilyIsEverything. authorized MEME inspector #12. Navy DAD x2. 1122 1754 187 . they fooked


bye jack'
bye Bitcoin ~
great decode brother