There’s no “rift” in the royal family. They’ve controlled the narrative for centuries and
plan generations in advance.

They’re deflecting attention from the Prince Andrew scandal & trying to endear us to Harry & Meghan by making us think their at odds while subliminally comparing her to princess Diana.

The goal (IMO) is to have America embrace them so that eventually their progeny can become imbedded in US politics.

“What happened to Diana? What did she find out? Who was supposed to be the next president? Expand your thinking.” - Q

*Expand your thinking is an ANAGRAM for:
Adorn Roth [Y] the Tudor King (& much more).

Pics after dig worth a 1,000 interviews ⤵️

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The American “Royal Baby” = Future POTUS = Future Anti-Christ = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ BABYLON

💖We are all God’s children.💖

All filthy pedosatanists destroying children worldwide.

Been digging since 9/11. Suspended by Osama Dorsey in the great purge. Here for the finale... NCSWIC

Jesus is My Lord ~Trump is my President ~Hold the Line~ however long it takes 🇺🇸GOD BLESS AMERICA- happily married 42 years

they name their daughter Lili after Lilith, a demonic name👺

Love Our Lord and Our Lady. Co-incidence Q starts posting 100 years later in the same month as Our Lady’s great miracle in Fatima?

Many on the boards believe meghan is a male. if so, who’s baby is it, or is it a babyquin? Or, is this the beginning of establishing ‘bloodline’ birth for citizenship? 🧐. So many questions! So few answers, for the moment!

WWG1WGA, TRUMP2020+ Proud Army Colonel's Daughter, LOVE GOD, My Family and My Country!

In response Jacinta Francisco to her Publication

I heard the same. Archie isn't theirs either. Heard they aren't even together and never were. It was all propaganda!

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Retired Law Enforcement-30 years-Military Background-Married 42 years-Christian

Royalty is barbaric!!

The goal is to have America embrace them so their progeny can become leaders in US politics/policy.

Eventually culminating in a US / European royal family hybrid (P_O_T_U_S+Revelation 13:1-18).

I am God's creation with unalienable Rights AND a Day 1 'anon' On YT when I saw post-someone posting on 4chan. Me, What a chan?

Let us bring back the original 13th Amendment.
NO foreign titles of nobility may serve in a government
of the people, by the people, for the people.


I believe those two trolls are past tense. Here's hoping! They look nothing like the originals.

Greenville SC Trump 19th President of the USA

Q says some that are dead are still alive and vice versa. Harry would never have the crown. His children dont get to be called prince nevessarily. But of course its got to be call racism when its a normal thing in rotyalty.

I just don't think that Meghan is very charismatic or likable. She's just kind of a downer.

I am a Journalist & Wayshower, Reiki Master, Born Seer & Truther ❣️✨🔥✨❣️Gab: @SanneNissenTheDane, fb Sanne.Nissen.568

As I see this the Harry, Meghan and Oprah story was a controlled demolition.
Waking up the brits, who got pissed about how the spoiled rich elite complain while the brits suffer. It also showed Oprah´s gitmo accesory to the world.
And as an icing on top of the cake made Pierce Morgan resign from Good Morning Britain. He was deeply involved with the wrong ppl as well, and played his role in the Awakening Show.
I can´t find the pic but Pierce also recently tweeted a clock and "Tick Tock" which is supposed to mean "I want out", if they have a role in this Great Awakening movie.
Anyway, this is the European side to it.

I am a Journalist & Wayshower, Reiki Master, Born Seer & Truther ❣️✨🔥✨❣️Gab: @SanneNissenTheDane, fb Sanne.Nissen.568

In response Sanne Nissen to her Publication

Followed Q from the beginning, thank you to Dave at X22. WWG1WGA UK Patriot

In response Sanne Nissen to her Publication

The whole GMB team are deep state. Deep state Kate with her Tony Blair spin doctor husband. Phil Schofeild the gay guy at 57 living with a boy for 5 years and Holly, I am sure is a dude.

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i think the royal family like a lot of countries hsve been under the control of China's leader...i watched 2 videos about them, one about princess Diana & the Chinese leader was in both

I am not ok with any "great reset" or globalism. In fact I don't like any "isms". Donald J Trump is my President 🙏🇺🇸

No doubt. That baby is white. All those involved in this farce should be ashamed of themselves.

dude looks like a lady,,, the only thing they gave birth to was a TURD.. all dudes. so where are they stealing these babies,, hollywoods doing the same to...

I am not ok with any "great reset" or globalism. In fact I don't like any "isms". Donald J Trump is my President 🙏🇺🇸

In response Mike Marshall to his Publication

This thing is a disgrace to my once great state of PA. I would do anything to move from here. 😡🤢

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I am an Artist dealing with the RABBIT HOLE FINDINGS

sorry to say, but shes like Meghan a Tranny

Tenacious Wisconsinite fighting government and medical tyranny. Redpilling for many years before I knew it was redpilling.Where is my origin

All smoke and mirrors to attempt to cover up their crimes against humanity.