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Here to hear the muted voices Trump never given a fair shot to speak, no rallies on tv woke me up MSM pushes white hate you're not raci

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These masks also make ppl less human, and instinctively worry because criminals usually cover their faces, it also makes me not want to speak or interact. The fact no one mentions ppl have and will continue to commit crime and get away becsuse of these stupid masks.

Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

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Agreed many negatives here including id for voting.

Patriot Soapmaker; Proverbs 31 woman; Trump Supporter. Popcorn, hell; bring out the Qake! Pit bull mama Banned 17 times from Twatter...

In response Frey Knights to his Publication

It also tricks you into participating in their satanic ritual initiation.

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