Martin Geddes @martingeddes
And in Friday's Accountability Fiesta, we have Parliament in our sights... https://newsletter.marting...
09:55 AM - Mar 31, 2023
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Victor This Guy @This_guy
02 April, 02:11
In response Martin Geddes to his Publication
The buck stops here...we are Parliament...we are All Powerful. If u have any complaints or questions, please thank u and have a nice day.
Does that sum it up pretty good?
In the new paradigm they want total control with zero accountability for the well being of peasants...or their own actions. There is noone to extention to give...and nothing but AI prompts to connect u to noone.
Press 1 for English,
Press 2 for Ancient dialect of the lost tribe of the indigenous people who migrated from far away lands not spoken of since the great battle between them and some other guys.
Press 3 for the next available operator's AI generated voice
Press 5 to hear options again
Press 6 if its urgent to speak to someone who can help u, in case of emergency...please contact us online at
Or u can call 1 800 HELP MEE
Thank u for entrusting us with ur...with ur....with...with...with...wt...wt..w...wi...wit.....with ur emergency.
Have a nice day

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