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Good morning frens!!! I think it is time we start to have anon state meet ups. We would form the biggest country wide militia of frogs this country has ever seen!! Things are speeding up and we all know the internet is coming down at some point. It’d be a very good thing to have this community established in some kind of way off line. Safety in numbers, right now our numbers are “online” and when that cord is cut, so is our community. We all are here for the good fight, think it’s time we actually put the boots on the ground, exchange info, coordinate local meet up areas in the event we need to. We’ve built an entire global family on here and I think it’s past time we had a family reunion so to speak. Frens that live on the border of other states will be liaisons between states and we will become an unstoppable force, an unstoppable force of good!! I think knowing no matter what happens we all have each other to fall back on, with the internet down and are hub of communication cut, I d
06:08 AM - Mar 18, 2023
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The Qonspiracist @TheQonspiracist
18 March, 06:10
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I’d think it be best to know we have each other to fall back on. Thoughts??

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