Kobayashi ADMIN donated @administrator
28 January, 11:54
Please clear your cookies. CTRL+F5.

Still working on other bugs but pictures and videos should be loading now after you refresh and clear cookies.

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Liking changes so far, except I have to refresh each time I try to open a page. I'll try clearing cookies.

There is one feature I don't like, the flashing red notification and message buttons. I don't have new messages yet it continually flashes, they both do.

I have a nerve injury which affects my eyes with flashing lights. I had a wierd dream before waking this morning, something I couldn't understand but seemed amusing. It was some sort of 'instrument' which when flipped over had a button in the middle setting off a red flashing light either side with the instrument pulsing. . In my dream I connected it to Boris Johnson!

Please, can you stop these buttons from flashing.
07:39 AM - Jan 29, 2023
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Julie Que @JulieQue
29 January, 04:19
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@administrator I also have problems with the flashing light. I am on seizure medication and flashing light is a trigger for people who have seizures.

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