Hello Patriots! I am the same Intercessor from Twitter. Was united with 26000+ Patriots there! #BendedKnee #SOPT17 #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸 IFBAP

Family, I love you.

Not with worldly love, but a deep fervent Agape love. The kind evil doesn't understand and can only twist, pervert and mock.

I am disabled through many diseases. Since having long haul bioweapon syndrome, my diseases are exacerbated. I am in great state of inflamation swelling and pain.

I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and his healing wonder working powr.

Would you pray for this soul/ bodies health?

Thank you for not abandoning me. I have been abandoned, as many have, by family & loved ones who are sheep with woll over their ears and eyes.

Im struggling to move about but everyday push past pain that would keep a person unaprised of such conditions, in bed thinking somethings wrong, they need a Dr and rest.

There is no such relief for me as of yet, however I remain hopeful.

Lord Jesus, bless all who hear and pray fervently for this bodies health, with great health of body, soul & spirit. Amen.

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