before you share misinformation and become active participant in spreading fearmongerring and negative energy ,it would be great to check it up,first...
The government(every government in the world) bills were declined in Hall of Records by Hall of Records Administrator ,,,so,it is not a valid bill and it will never be funded by Guardian of Global Repository.
Do you want to know why any bill was declined???
Because it was not in accordance with Natural Law
Constitution is not a valid legal instrument any longer

You can call your National archive Office to check it up, but I am not holding any hope that any of you here will do that, because, to be honest,you can not handle the truth and that's why you can only deal with misinformation

since you all like to share lies and misinformation,how about you start the call to your NA office with the question about the latest bill that was voted through,the one where they mention funding for new 87000 IRS employees

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I called and none of this is true. I also looked it up. They were baffled at what I read to them from your post. Seek help!

You talk about fear-mongering and negative energy? I read your posts and can feel the negative call all stupid. Who are you and who is your handler?

Yes, I confirm for Central Europe, it is true.

In response EvinaKoros Panova to his Publication

I know it is true...I would not post it otherwise

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