What are you guys doing to change things for yourself and your family???what are you doing about food shortages in your area???what are you doing about water quality in your area???what are you doing about health in your area???what are you doing about education system in your area???do you think they teach your children the right things???do you really thing there will be someone else fixing it for you???
why do you even care who is the governor or mayor or even the president???none of them work for us,anyway...
do you know that there are people organizing ourselves in local assemblies all over the world and we take over our communities needs food,water,health,education...we work together to fix our problems
will you still keep crying online about it or will you do something for yourself,your family,your local community...
There is nobody else around that will come do it for you
There is no saviour coming

What are you doing about it ???

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Never believe anything more than 98%. It leaves 1% for new information to change your mind, and 1% for the final piece, KNOWING. Ex-Nurse.

We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. The idea is for Human's to understand this concept and know the truth. So many lies being exposed, but are we really hearing any truth to take its place?

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Create your own future
it is up to you

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just working more to cover things i always said no one is coming god one day for me but all these decodes are a joke plan is a joke millions getting hurt bye the day and people still post stuff like a week to remember or this and that same shit for the past 5yrs then its like high school you say how you feel no one comments or likes its funny

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i always knew q was a psy op and donnie was a cabal puppet...but, hey, it is happening, next week

what you do ,is what counts

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We, the People - need to have this constitution worldwide!

Practicing the law of attraction to manifest abundance. Everything's an offer or a threat.

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This is exactly what I am talking about...
become creative
We are all creators
get out there and do it
I could not care less who is my local mayor or who is the prime minister or president, they don't matter to me...
But,my family,my neighbour,every member of my community matters to me... you know why???
They will still be here tomorrow,they will need help

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