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@VincentKennedy once postulated that the vaccine makes us taste better.

Since the youngest age group just got approved, is today's ruling another effort to stop them?!

What/Who are we dealing with here?

This platform is starting to feel like an Ark.

The liver is the only organ in your body that can regenerate.

How did the ancients know?
Unless ...

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Do insects reside in a different frequency than mammals?

You know you're making an impact when bots show up.

That time!


Teile deine Videos mit Freunden, Verwandten oder der ganzen Welt


I have no insider knowledge, so I walk by faith alone.

Some anons are better at research, some better at pattern recognition, some have better memories for details, some are better a recollecting obscure knowledge, some are better memers, some are better pastors, some are better content sharers, some are better at keeping spirits high and faith strong, some are natutal cornerstones, some are brightet lighthouses, some are more robust in the face of despondency, some make us laugh more at the ridiculousness of the current times, some are better orators, some are better writers, some are best at providing preparedness advice, some are better at encouging fitness and natural remedies, some are better at shitposting passionate rebutals to mainstream stupidity, some are better at the 40,000 ft viewpoint.

We all have a place in this great contest between good and evil.

Bring your gifts and dont compare yourself to others and think you are not good enough, you have a profound value here, every single one of you.

It may not be possible, but have you considered elastic search or something to that effect?

Hi Jason!

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I take a more passive approach with adults. Sometimes I play dumb and have them explain things to me. It can be amusing. Then I ask a question here or there that gets them to think.

Sadly and often I'm met with a shrug and a dive into their phone so as to not have their worlds shatter. It's a bit NPC like.

But sometimes, for some people, I'm met with agreement. But it's not enough for them to question further. But I just keep pecking away little by little. Same method.

People's ego's are fragile. I include myslef in that company, which can be helpful so I can have more empathy.

I've learned to not go full speed. They just shut down. I know several purple pillers.

You can take a horse to water...

Graphic Artist & Illustrator - Authorized Minister - US Navy Wife - Former Instructor - US NAVY TAP - CEO - Proud Patriot - #Arkansas

Distance between the UN in NY and the Georgia Guidestones is 666 miles.

this has been my argument.

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saw one of these today

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.2/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

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Learning Succulents now.

Red-pilled and mind-blown by Eustace Mullins, a long time ago, in a different world. One foot down the rabbithole, one foot on The High Road

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Which is exactly what [they] want and are goading us to do. THEY are encouraging civil war so THEY can begin the PURGE in earnest.

Ego should have no place, in the heart of man! Numquam Cedere -Never Surrender ***5 Year Active Duty... Veteran- Operation Desert Fox.

So here is the deal :
It is not only that "they" want your guns as so many people say.
It is "they" want your money.
The elected Gov officials own stock in Companies like Smith and Wesson, Colt and Browning.
When "they" make a public comment about taking guns, there is a huge knee jerk reaction for people to go buy guns. Guess what? You are giving them your money and many do not see the "GAME". In a carnival or circus, we would be called "rubes".

Knowing who really we are🙏✨ True Consciousness Creates Harmonic Circulation. 🌎💞☯️💞◯=♾☺️   Armor of God Almighty🙏✨

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Doin me shordy ... help us father !!!

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thats whats up

Spreader of truth, love & light. Sprinkle that shit everywhere.

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aahhhhh. I have never mirrored D5. Duh!!!

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Actually, this is smart.

The great default isn't just ours but also China's

When we default on our debt, China gets hurt.

Think of Japan in the 90's they owned so much Manhattan real estate. They lost it all for pennies of what they paid for it.

Japan still hasn't recovered.

That is how we win.

We knew they were coming for 2A
@vincentkennedy how come APL didn't go up? 🤔

🔥1221🔥 GOD WON ... HE HAS NEVER LOST A BATTLE He isn't about to start now It's time to talk to Jesus

evil took over twitter

ANON UP being up and going at the same time we got kicked off twitter is no coincidence...


People come here and feel the Love of God
They heal...They refresh themselves
Then they go back to their favored platform to fight the enemy there...
This place is Spinach to their Souls
We are the family they run to ..





Light Warrior, The knower of all Truth, Love God, Love my Family, Love Trump, Love America.. Always learning.. WWG1WGA

Being here just makes me stronger, sharper and more determined to complete our mission that we signed up for. THANK YOU ANONS FOR ALL OF THE ENCOURAGEMENT, WISDOM , FAITH AND BRILLIANCE THAT YOU BRING HERE! # WWG1WGA#GodWins # NCSWIC

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Q left us this drop for a reason.
a message of reassurance.

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Mark 3.11 🤔

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OIF_1 vet, father and husband. Pissed off and mad abt it.. Truth Social handle @patriotic0ne

Seeing a lot of new, to here, frens poppin up on AU. If I see it, i re-post it. Let's get these folks a voice on here.