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I think people mostly understood it at this point, but to drive the point home, here's a quote:

When evaluating data from VAERS, it is important to note that for any reported event, no cause-and-effect relationship has been established. Reports of all possible associations between vaccines and adverse events (possible side effects) are filed in VAERS. Therefore, VAERS collects data on any adverse event following vaccination, be it coincidental or truly caused by a vaccine. The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not documentation that a vaccine caused the event.

In response Yolande Inanna to her Publication

While I fully support the cause, this is not how the Play Store works. These are not rules written in stone. It's Google's turf and they will do what is best for Google. If keeping Facebook around will benefit them, that's what they will do. Regardless any ratings.

Also, they have a history of removing bad ratings from apps when they can be considered spam.

That's what they did with the Robinhood and TikTok apps when they got brigaded, to name just two recent examples.


The moment you forget that you aren't better than others is the moment it no longer matters what you believe in, who you vote for, whose voice you amplify and what values you represent.

If you can't even be modest, you should work on that before everything else.

In response Adolph Medina to his Publication

People don't get angry because you tell them there's a high survival rate for kids and young adults.

People get angry because the people who do say that tend to do so in the belief that this number somehow proves that COVID-19 is harmless and that other numbers don't matter, and that is false.

Two main things to keep in mind is that a) death is not the only thing bad that can happen, and b) fatality rate is very high (5%-10%) in diagnosed people with preexisting conditions, in particular cardiovascular diseases.
A quarter of the US population has one preexisting condition or more.

Fatality rate is also much higher in regions with bad healthcare. Lots of people only survive because we can get them the help they need, lowering fatality stats. In other places, that is not the case.

Also, death is not the only bad thing that can happen. Many people suffer from long term effects, and we don't even know the full extent of that yet.

In response Renee Johnson to her Publication

That is not what this data says. Please stop being misleading.

If you get vaccinated and a month later you get migraines and go see a doctor, this might get reported to VAERS/EV, even if it is known by you and your doctor you get migraines every spring due to allergies, for example.

The point of that is to process the data and identify macroscopic trends and anomalies, as it happened with the thrombosis after only a handful of cases, which lead to a halt of the AZ vaccine in a bunch of countries as you know I'm sure.

People die and get sick all the time, VAERS/EV collect data like that as well if it happens to recently vaccinated people, but it's insignificant if there isn't any statistical difference compared to what's expected in the general population.

So in short, VAERS/EV recorded deaths don't mean those deaths wouldn't have occured without the vaccine. The whole point is to record it all so we can find out.

PSA: If you're out there hoarding gas you should know that it's toxic and carcinogenic. You should avoid huffing the fumes and getting it on your skin.

So, do not carry it in open containers and don't just use any plastic container. It may dissolve and you'll be a danger to yourself and others.

Also, makes you look super stupid to huff gas fumes while telling people how bad the mercury and aluminum in vaccines is.

That's all. Carry on.


Doing my part in helping restore freedom to America while kicking evil in the ass. Guided by God the Father, Jesus Christ & my ancestors!

So many clowns promoting shitcoins.

Be careful.

This clown with over 3,000 followers couldn't handle being called out. He won't let his followers know that what he posted was false and misleading. Instead he deleted the post and pretends it never happened.

Keep in mind that by the time a post like this gets deleted the damage is already done, especially if you don't at least try to correct the mistake and inform your followers. When you post false shit, you owe that to the people who allow your content in their feed.

People like@wainthepain01 are the reason we are fighting the misinformation war in the first place, yet he is here, among us, pretending to be one of the good guys by drowning out his misinformation with cute little pro Trump memes.

This is just a silly render, but the same is happening with real and serious issues all the time. Don't let your guard down. People want to poison your mind everywhere.


Research is not to look for confirmation, or to cement your existing beliefs.

Research is to look for proof that you are wrong. To learn that there is more to the things you understand and the things you don't.

Be curious and willing to understand more about the world instead of expecting the world to understand you.

God loving wife, mom, and Grammy Retired teacher

Going Google-less: How to install a custom Android ROM with no Google apps or services

Google has a scary amount of information on you, and matters get worse if you're deeply embedded in the company's app ecosystem.


If you are about to attack the person that said something instead of what has been said, stop and go for a walk instead.

In response Joey DarktoLight to his Publication

If you only want to see black and white, it is all you will see.

If you are at a point where you resent democrats, hate the left and feel like everyone who isn't with you is against you. If you hate the MSM and oppose everything they say out of principle, no matter its merit, you are part of the problem. Even if you have the right idea, which many of you do.

This country, or rather this world is being torn in two, and here you are on one side, pointing fingers at those across just as much affected by and victim to this instigated polarization.

Nothing will change as long as our anger is directed towards each other.

Nobody will be held accountable as long as we are still looking the wrong way to begin with.

Pisses me off how righteous some of you all act while still getting this most fundamental thing so gravely wrong.

So yes, I will continue to be angry and disappointed. I will continue to say the things that are uncomfortable even among those who say the uncomfortable. It's necessary. Sorry.


If you only ask questions when it comes to things that don't fit into your narrative, you're not seeking the truth, you're digging yourself a deeper hole.

You don't get to pick and choose a reality and still call yourself a truth seeker. That's now how it works.

Nobody will commend you for showing basic respect, or being open to a dialogue, because these and other things should be ingrained into us and form the foundation of our interactions.
It's the bare minimum, don't expect to be praised for it. Don't disregard it because there's no praise in it for you.

If someone was conditioned into their beliefs, they can't easily be reasoned out of them.

Self evaluate.

Brit with an inquisitive mind from as far back as I can remember. Red-pilled since 9/11 been searching for truth(s) ever since.

I can't wait for people who have been defending Gaetz for the past week to try and rewrite history, pretending they never liked him and he was always one of the bad ones.

I wonder if I have more followers than people who blocked me. Gotta be a tight race.

Somehow it's always the people with "Truth seeker" in their profiles who don't want to hear takes that oppose their own views. You would think that someone calling themselves that would be curious and engage in conversation with the intent to learn about and explore the full spectrum of what's going on. Evidence so far doesn't support that.

Former Employer at Fluor Cooparation ,and Kellog Brown Root LOG CAP IV and LOGCAP V Afgahnistan and Iraq. Troops Support!

Do you Agree with me...?

In response STL Anon to his Publication

You know a good chunk of indoors dust is from synthetic materials, right? Your clothing made of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, or synethetic leathers and furs. They all shed microplastics with every move. Your mattress is probably made of polyurethane, as are tons of household utensils.

You've been breathing this stupid plastic dust your entire goddamn life, every year of it from the first day, without ever giving it a second thought. You've covered your face with the sleeve of your polyester sweater countless times because something had a bad smell.

But the masks that are arguably preferable to being caughed on in public transit and crowded stores, are what bother you?

You're in for a rude second awakening.

Once again someone backed down and deleted their posts after a streak of hostility and bad faithed arguments. As a result, the entire thread got pruned, including my responses.

Giving people this sort of power and allowing them to rewrite history like that tips the scales in favor of bad actors, in my opinion.
If they don't get what they want, they can just roll back and try again until their tactics work, taking all the related content down with them in the process.

Notifications are deleted as well, so it's like the conversation never happened. Unless you manually back up conversations as they happen, people with bad intentions can completely vanish off your radar after a "failed" conversation.

Are there any plans to change this up? @administrator

Don't just be truthful. Be helpful.

If "US" doesn't include people you don't like or agree with, it's not "US", it's "YOU"

Know the difference.

People here love to speak in absolutes.

Everyone bad is an evil child-murdering satanist.
Everyone you disagree with is a shill.
Everyone who does not believe the things you do is asleep and being manipulated.

People are complex and the world doesn't work that way.

If this is the only way you can reason about the world around you, you will be wrong, you will be unhappy and you will be confronted with your ignorance eventually.


In response JustAn Anon to his Publication

Fun fact, there are FOUR MILLION abandoned oil wells across the US. They often pollute groundwater and leak methane.

A lot of the time there are no companies to hold responsible because they are owned by shell companies that happen to go brankrupt before being forced to pay for cleanup and damage control. So it is all paid for by taxpayers, or it simply doesn't happen and they are left leaking.

Another fun fact: carbon composites can be recycled with 95% efficiency.

You're right, the world *is* changing. There *is* a storm upon us.


I don't see enough people asking their own questions on here.

I see too many people parrotting the wrong questions asked by the wrong people, engineered to lead to wrong conclusions.

Conclusions that open the gates to being more accepting of hate and violence, misinformation and hidden agendas camouflaged as the truth.

I am again being shown how impossible it can be to give someone the perspective to realize that they are trapped in this wrong mode of thinking.

People need to stop outsourcing their critical thinking to cult leaders and I don't care if that makes you think of Q, Biden, Trump, MSM, Telegram channels, AOC, VK or whatever. This is true for all camps and it is a very prevalent problem here.

If you have tips to get people to more often question what their leaders of choice want them to believe, hit me with it.