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Alex Graham

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I'm waiting for the left to start calling for gun control lol

Canada banned “let’s go Brandon”

This is sickening and a dereliction of duty by Joe Biden and whoever is running his administration

When your city tells you to take down your Trump flag

The man rolls his window up like that will protect him!

Clearly that is the left's purpose.

I wish other Governors would join him!!!!!!

Why does Dunkin Donuts need imports to make donuts?

As you can see, American citizens couldn't care less. Our military is gone and is now the General Milley woke brigade, our country is lost to trendy leftist loons, and the so called people in charge won't hold anyone accountable...

The workers sent this document to every mainstream media but not one decided to talk about them!

Mass non-compliance is the only way the American people will defeat these tyrannical mandates.

Every industry that capitulates to Biden’s COVID-19 jab mandate needs a case of Freedom Flu.

Spread the word to inform others of the Boeing Union workers sickout.

Because mainstream media will likely attempt another blackout we saw last weekend.

Herschel Walker is a Good Man!
The Democrats are Lying as usual.
History proves that the real racism is on the Marxist DemocRATS side. They are anti-Semitic and their history also shows them to be the actual party of the KKK and Jim Crow laws.

His story is being hidden by the NBA and fake news media. They would rather lie to the American public and watch a man’s life and dedication be ruined than speak out against these dangerous vaccines.

We are seeing a blockade right now.
Today.Oct 14, 2021.
This potential has been on my mind for years.
Most of the ships are from China.....which is ..not ...good....

China Joe and his administration have declared war on the American people in my opinion and it was planned

Joe Biden apologized for his slurry speech because he know that his mental decline is obvious!

So like nobody freaked out when he was being attacked?

He'll win, don't fall for it folks. just like the California recall, you see
how that turned out. this is just to make it look like they are campaigning and Obama still has political muscle. it's all show. they will manufacture the votes needed to keep him in office!

Can barley walk - doesn't know what planet he's on.

What a nightmare.

Nobody can accuse Jill of being a fashion icon. There’s that dang table cloth again.

No one makes a mistake like that. No one substitutes the word "marked" for "more."

Yet that's exactly what the White House Press Secretary said. "Marked people."

Don't be deceived. You now know the truth. You heard it from their own mouths.

The vaccinated are "marked people." What other mark could she have meant other than the mark of the beast?

Once you hear it with your own ears, if you were to sit there, utterly astonished, you would not be alone. I was completely stunned to hear it myself.

It's as clear as day. As plain as the nose on my face. "Marked people."

Quite a number of you have told me we are living in the last days. It was hard for me to believe that, but after this . . . wow . . . it sure looks that way to me.

In fact, given the things I see going on, it now appears our national government is being run on behalf of Satan himself.

No thanks.

I love how the bouncers let the guy with no legs beat up the other two dudes. The dude's a beast. Look at those arms, that can be only made in the military!

Old people know how much better the world was back then.

I commend the older gentleman for trying to get up and defend his wife. Also, respect to the other real men that put this fool in his place.

Vaccine ‘sickout’ spreads to AMTRAK…

Fact checkers about to lie to us about the walkout in real time…

Just waiting for them to “debunk” what we are all watching happen in front of us right now.

Vaccine ‘sickout’ spreads to AMTRAK…

Fact checkers about to lie to us about the walkout in real time…

Just waiting for them to “debunk” what we are all watching happen in front of us right now.

Even Democrat Senators are throwing Joe Biden under the political bus for his comments about harassing Sen. Sinema with a camera in a bathroom being "part of the process."

I love how the old man casually sets aside his walker or whatever that is, before wrecking the guy!

School boards have become like the Communist politburo. Maybe it's their training course.

Vaccine mandate walkout does not equal “understaffed”.
They want to hide this information because if we stand up they will go down!

Why did the police arrested the father? He did what every father would do!

Easy solution here. Let the trans compete amongst themselves. You could have a whole trans olympics. Problem solved. Everyone is happy.

Don't listen to what they say. Pay attention to what they do. He knows this is a plandemic. He knows that the vaccine is unsafe and doesn't work.