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Just can not believe a word ever recorded, all could be edited, from the first recorded information in a personal history and do we recall the truth and facts if we actually look into it? I doubt it people have perceptions.

WOW Australia will have 100 ICBM's by 2025

qanon? WTf is that?

The Great Reset --ooops Defect, god wins

Hey America, why not put Trump signs up everywhere, all at once everywhere, even overseas and make it News, I would like to see the truth here in Australia.

What's so hard about understanding that.... We are a {soul}{god particle}{Photon}{Spirit}{Son of God}, riding a Meat Puppet, standing on a large planet size rock{Earth}{Ghia}, travelling at like 15000MPH around Star{Sun}{Sol} Hurtling through a Galaxy, Speeding through a seemingly limitless Universe. And the People are hell bent on waiting for the destruction of the Human race over Survival, WoW.

Why is it so hard to find the TRUTHS, what have they done?

#PatriotParty Follower of Christ, Pro-Guns, Pro-Life, RN for the people, Proud Deplorable, Donald Trump is my President! WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Anyone know when the Australian Government will officially fail?

Think its time the Governments of the world stand down and let the good forge the path ahead, really... whippersnappers...

The Science looks like the vax may be a good thing for the vulnerable, why not...

No Age Discriminations please.....

Still looking for the actual direction of the NWO so we can watch the show...


Any Afghan Patriots here? Give us a yell. Any NFO bro??? in oz.

Out of 10, Australia's progression towards Comunisim?

Watching the Wheels, John Lennon, me Atm....

Still watching the Movie...

What don't you get? We stop for 14 days it will die RIP Virus... Wake UP...

Hey America, with your voting, Try Block chain solutions through Star Link? may work if its Federally supplied as the only in person machines and block id postal voters.

We as humans act like a Borg Antivirus

Question? Is Covid a Bio-Weapon Super Virus or could it naturally occur. Nature or Lab?

The angry people are a danger to everyone around them, accountability may be their failing...

In Australia there will be a vaccination thing called "AIR", what the hell is this?????????????

Wait till the future arrives, may be one sided...

Hello Alice, I believe you are online now. You remember me do'nt you

What time were the Bishops doing the Exorcism thing?

Here for the patriots. Trump is my president. #WWG1WGA NCSWIC Enjoying the movie

In response Serah Oceane to her Publication

much love. great success. so safe. lol

The Annunciation.....