We Are One
19 days ago

We Are One

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Here for 45 and Freedom. Justice for the Children. God Bless ALL of you Amazing PATRIOTS. We Followed General Flynn and Prevailed. God wins

Drop#666 is juicy.

😂The walls are coming apart on the set.😂

Many arrests have already happened. The question is when will it all be revealed to the public. The answer is soon. Watch the upcoming news around the Trump impeachment trail. It will be a lot different than what most people are expecting. White Squall with a huge twist.

#FamilyIsEverything. America Pissed Level = 9/10 Now [they] Fooked

Dave Portnoy on point.


Brit, Ex Forces. President Trump/Patriots/Anon Supporter. Love travelling, wildlife & so much more. God Bless.


Wife and Proud Mama Bear 🐻!! Here for our children and to create a better tomorrow!!

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God Wins ❤ Patriot.🇺🇲Truth Seeker⚒ Constitutionalist ⚖ Digital Soldier. 💻 God's Army. 🐸 Polymath. 🤜💥🤛WWG1WGA. ⛈ The Storm Is Upon Us

I think I have found the single best piece of information that validates everything we have been fighting for.
This is amazing!!! Please watch and share as much and as fast as possible.
Hold the line, Patriots. We've got this.