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Jesus Mendiola Morales

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Each clown imaging into the jail

😂Macron and Merkel as Rotschild's Puppets and perhaps Rotschild are or was a puppets somebody more😂


Yes is very funy to laught about the deep sate, the cabal, te Rotschilds, The Blood lines, the sorceres, the wizards, the politicians, the cartels of drugs, the Black nobility, the skull and bonds, The society of Pilgrims, the swamp, the mass comunication media, the a lot of goverments, the communists, the pope, the royal england,etc,etc,etc,,,,,,etc

How Snow White did falls and Mike Rogers here show some of the dwarf as part of Snow White

Cruising Delawere in a scenary of the past and future

Cheyenne - YouTube

Provided to YouTube by Ryko/RhinoCheyenne · The Del LordsBased On A True Story℗ 1999 Restless RecordsAuto-generated by YouTube.

The result of draining the swamp, flooding, exploding, destroying, deep underground military bases, exposing the deep state with all its branches, arms, connections as well as other forms of dark life and other actors is shown in this image.

😂About the rumosrs that curious George was captured David Dees aplyed the phrase that past show future becouse in the picture curious George is in pijama that is the scenarie whre this clown was supossed captured🤣

😂 One of a lot of meetings of Bilderber, Onu, CFR,,World health Organization, Davos,etc...etc 🤣

When the big pharma is mixing their potions or vacines maybe Fauci is this character or some other clown

😂 A likelihood scenario when the clowns of elites and all their branches can not turn off their stupid things and these are directed against them🤣

Into of a Quantum

😂 Not only Joe Biden Fuck But Also the New World Orden Fuck and much other clowns as the president of my countrie Mexico the clown of amlo 😂

When some told that Durman does not exists suddenly he appear

Donald J Trump and George Patton

Alice in the Wonderland

Brandon says who is the tue president and obvioulsy Bidan is not the true president

😂The symbol of metaverso before it was launched



ThankQ s