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Not part of any militia.

Dan Scavino via IG - Nat King Cole - Orange Colored Sky

December 5, 2021 Kazakh Head of State holds meeting with reps of int’l investment companies

The meeting saw reports of the heads of Blackrock, Luxor, Aberdeen Asset Management, Capital Group, Sands Capital, Alameda Research, Kingsway Capital.

Somebody stopped the DS doing further investments.


Unreleased track

Dan Scavino via IG

5 sec - Santa Claus is coming to town

Q 5
Can you rely on being able to board a plane and fly away?

Baldwin was no accident.

From an Anon

I have been watching the traffic in the Suez Canal since the Ever Given incident. It appears that someone has been sending us messages. The following is happening now.


Vessel names and research:

From the north:

POTENTIA - (Power) NASA POWER , Prediction Of Worldwide Energy Resources (scientia est potentia, latin for knowledge is power)
ELIZABETH - NASA , Elizabeth Cordoba, lead payload system, Mars 2020 Rover
SAGITTARIUS - NASA , supermassive black hole
TASSOS - Abadiotakis, NASA flow manager for space shuttle Endeavour
MARINER - NASA robotic space probes

From the south:

RAKAN - (Rakan Ben Williams) Provence in Iran, also known as Radekan, Qazvin
STRATEGIC SAVANNAH - Savannah GA Strategic Air Command Base
AACHIN - Aachin treaty (Macron/Merkel)
SNELAND - Snowland, Birthplace of Dr. Arnold Snow Naudain
(He was a Freemason, serving at one time as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Delaware)
LOTUS - Lotus

Biden’s love affair with Sweden and Iran

The REAL story about BENGHAZI

Just wondering about this statement: "... the possibility of the Vessel and the cargo on board being
treated separately..." https://www.evergreen-line.com/tuf1/jsp/TUF1_News.jsp?newsType=G2&newsId=NEWS2021041400008154&lang=en

A Telegram Outlaw_Marine Post details the week's happenings quite succinctly:

Outlaw_Marine, [19.04.21 03:57]
[Forwarded from E T]
Wow i just consolidated some intel from the last 3 days...

whiplash, ghostezra, qfrogman, and specoperator17 usually flood their channels every single day, 🔥no days off. They will post anywhere from 30-150 posts a day🔥

⚠️3 days ago on 4/15 “(q) the storm raider” posts on twitter that potus is 100% insulated and removed from maralago by special forces for security

⚠️qfrogman is 305th military intel battalion (what has been described as the “kraken” by General McInerney) and specoperator17 is 111th military intel brigade (the one Flynn was head of) AND is on personal security detail for potus!!! These 2 milint patriots always say if they go dark for a while, its to give us a heads up an op is in play and they will post when they can... 🔥Frogman and SpecOp17 have barely posted since 4/15🔥

Use of words. Palace intrigue, personalities... in light of tomorrow’s event.

🌍 Mom of 2 🌍 🇮🇪 Irish Patriot ☘️ 🍿Trust The Plan 🍿 ✝️ SAVE OUR CHILDREN ✝️

You are Witnessing the Systematic Destruction of the Old Guard.

Forced Exposure.

Power WILL Return to the People.



Tyranny fighter for life! God won!!!💯


Thank You For Playing.

Gematria for “Taiwanese Dried Pineapple”

ranian President Hassan Rohani said on Saturday that Iran had begun feeding uranium hexafluoride (UF6) gas feedstock into about 30 uranium-enriching centrifuges installed at its underground nuclear plant at Natanz.

Rohani said that Iran has started the second stage of producing heavy water – a component of making nuclear weapons and nuclear energy that is not radioactive – at Arak Nuclear Plant. This is yet another breach by Iran of the nuclear accord it signed with world powers in 2015.

The deal was abandoned in 2018 by former President Donald Trump, who restored sanctions that have crippled Iran's economy.

Speaking on Iran's annual national nuclear day, Rohani said that, the production capacity of the new advanced IR-5 centrifuges at Natanz is ten times that of the old centrifuges.

Iran's IR-9 centrifuge, when operational, would have the ability to separate uranium isotopes more quickly than the current centrifuges being used, thereby enriching uranium at a faster pace.

In response Steven Silent to his Publication

April (4)+2+0+2+1= 9
Evil Much? 🤯🤯🤯

Today’s Date, April 9th.

Philips age = 99

99 on the 9th - Mirror Flip

666 - Symbolism will be [Their] downfall.

Think about bridges.

Will the left now learn Biden is not working?

Pat Tillman (November 6, 1976 – April 22, 2004) was going to return from the Middle East and tell us the truth about why they were sent there, [they] wouldn't allow that to happen. A British sniper with a three round burst to Pat's head was ordered and executed. The General responsible is known, Trump hates his treasonous ass...