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Cowboy w2b

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Holy cow…
Trump retruthed 2 Q drops.

‘Grand’ seems like an understatement.

Thank you for your service!

If Elon changes his banner to a big red wave, heads are going to explode.

Hmm…[they] are all going to be in the same place at the same time.
Just sayin’

How’s everyone doing.

Trump posted a video of the Sword Dance he participated in at Saudi Palace 5 years ago today.

Q: Why did POTUS receive a sword dance when visiting SA?

Trump throwing off some serious Navy Seals vibes today.

In response Johnny Q -Z⭐⭐⭐ to his Publication

Wonder if Twitter is contemplating suspending Elon’s account.
Imagine the blow back. Fun times.

Wonder how far the stock market can drop.

It funny how things workout sometimes.

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.16/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

In response Vincent UM Kennedy to his Publication

There is so much we don’t know.

“Elongate” 🍿

USS Constitution…”We are underway!!!”

“The Democrats are in serious trouble…”

Scavino with a Friday ‘popcorn’ tweet.

When I read this post I immediately thought of VK’s APL.
How do you wake people up? Make them mad.

I was at a party tonight chatting with the guests.
It quickly became clear that people are still barely awake.
However, I was amazed at how eager and receptive people where to new information.
We may not think we know much, but don’t kid yourself, we know far more that the folks on mainstreet.
It made me glad to know we all have a small part to play moving forward.

SEC is losing power. (positive vibes for XRP?)
“The split 2-1 decision found that Congress unconstitutionally delegated legislative power to the SEC in violation of the Constitution.“

Still adjusting to the Truth dynamic.
It’s not as cozy as AU.

Operation Fly.

The race is on…

The price of gas here in AZ caught my eye.

Anybody surprised?

In response Vincent UM Kennedy to his Publication

The tide is turning.

There’s electricity in the air today. Really.

Interesting timing…
A congressional hearing will be held on Tuesday, May 17, about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) for the first time in over 50 years.

Whoever made this, I like it.

Now why do you suppose Elon would leave a comment on a tweet about, "Snake Oil Salesman.”