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Amelia Becker

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I believe he loves this country the same way I do and that he will do everything to enrich and protect her. He isn't perfect and he makes mistakes, but everything he does is done with the right intentions unlike every other politician left or right.

President Trump's Lasting Legacy will be the
SACRIFICES he has made for the American People!

"If We Ever Forget That We Are One Nation Under God, Then We Will Be A Nation Gone Under."
- Ronald Reagan, 40th U.S. President ====>>>>

BANGKOK: With just a few months left in US President Joe Biden’s tenure, his predecessor appears to be fading from view in the American public’s mind. Donald Trump......

🤘Get Ready for the Trump Resurrection in 2024

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming !!!

#2024 trump#Trump #Freedom
I am a Trump supporter for two main reasons, his stance on the economy and illegal immigration. The most important quality I see in Trump as president is his ability to lead people.. Give him support! --->

Pence declined to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s Electoral College win. Insurgents posing as President Donald Trump went on the hunt for Pence in the halls of the US Capitol, but to no avail.