The basic issue with crypto is that humans DGAF about private keys โ€” or any mechanisms whatsoever. It will need a whole mediating layer to translate tech into "human experience". I guess it will be packaged somehow into familiar instruments like accounts tied to people and debit cards.

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IMO, XRP is not for retail users, and when finally used for its designed purpose, it will be utilized by 'cleansed' banks to transfer & store value. So it may be that the XRP you hold will be turned over to banks and you will be reimbursed (handsomely). XRP will be the most stable asset on the planet. It's said that most crypto will disappear & I believe this is largely true.

The new economy will be based on gold, silver, etc that back currencies of sovereign countries, & these currencies will be interchangeable with each other, & with the underlying assets. XRP. No need for crypto without any utility. Countries will back their own digital money. Who will back Doge coin or Bitcoin or Shibu Inu with hard assets? Bitcoin is nothing but a paperweight. It has NO utility or value, beyond what the hypnotized public gives it.

XRP will be the international bridge currency which enables all translations in value. Not only internationally, but intergalactically. ๐Ÿ™‚

XRP = "all the money

XRP is going to change lives.
I preach it alot but no one wants to listen.

Just makes me realize and appreciate whats about to happen...

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May i ask your thiughts about XLM? Any room in the greatness for it? ๐Ÿค”

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I get the sense that XRP will generally be for banks, big business, and governments. And that XLM, which is decentralized (unlike XRP) will be the network for individuals and small business.

The decentralized structure of XLM makes it more trustworthy than XRP. It all depends on who controls Ripple. Right now it looks like central banks. Will it be flipped?

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I also own XLM, so I'm in that boat also.

There are technical arguments about whether the XRP Ledger is decentralized or not.

XRP Ledger is โ€œinherently decentralized,โ€ said Ripple CTO David Schwartz. โ€œBy design, the XRP Ledger is alsoโ€”if not more soโ€”decentralized than both Bitcoin and Ethereum.โ€

The XRP Ledger is commonly considered adequately decentralized, run by a global network of 150+ validators.

Here is a good overview from Quora poster Hamguy Bacon:

XRP is designed for $10,000

1 xrp can be subdivided by 1 million Drops.

1.000000 , -0.000010 drops are burned every transaction.

1 drop can equal anything. Let's say a drop = 1 cent. then XRP can easily be worth $10,000

The price of XRP needs to be high in order to be usable. In the future governments, banks and corporations will be using XRP this will be in the billions and trillions. If XRP was worth 30 cents its entire supply would run out instantly. XRP needs to be valued high to transfer large sums

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