Mystic Knight @MysticKnight
The wokes are not shitting bricks because Elon bought Twatter and "They" will not be able to censor anymore
"They" are shitting bricks because "They" know the secret concatenate link strings will reveal a very disturbing censored feed, gate kept by the very wokes who call themselves saviors
09:49 AM - Apr 27, 2022
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Charlie Lost in the Woods⍟ donated @Quilibet
28 April, 05:27
In response Mystic Knight to his Publication
The bullies on the playground will have to give up their candy and power to the little guy.
The strings were provided at a price... Blackmail was always a potential threat, but even worse is what the Children In Arms call "Spring Cleaning" in which all information is dumped into view for all to see.
The Emperor Has No Clothes....

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