BeBe Cole @IknowwhoIam
07 April, 12:53
Guys, I think I'm going on home. I'm tired, I've ate so much popcorn, my tummy hurts. I've tried to find my place. I've lashed out a couple times too..I'm sorry. It can be tougher when you're truly alone but it doesn't account for me lashing out. Be kind to each other. Don't be jealous and dnvious. Stop being babies and blocking someone for adding their opinion. It's really ok to have a different opinion. Yes that is a personal throw but still aplies. I feel too dseply and my heart breaks so much when I see such things. I've tried and stayed & reposted. Stayed on battlefield what time I wasn't in jail or purged πŸ™„ My life belongs to JESUS THE CHRIST and I lay my family in HIS hands.πŸ™Œ I really did think I was called to do this but I'm not sure I'm actually helping. Gonna take a break and seek JESUS. Talk to my FATHER and yeah..If FATHER allows me to fight, I'm packing up today. This shit is old now. If HE doesn't let me, then...probably go home. I love you guys! JESUS LOVES YOU MORE!

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Debby dorothy @Debbydorothy
I hear you. I'm tired too. Many of us are dealing with personal issues of health/financial and keeping 'high vibes' is tough. It's okay to walk away and regroup. If there is a plan, we aren't privy to it and waiting for it to happen is wearing. Walking away for personal growth may be the best thing to do and the only thing we really have control of.
01:53 PM - Apr 07, 2022
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Operation Que @OperationQ
29 April, 01:17
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Diana DJT @Diana
27 April, 04:14
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I totally understand, your a warrior, never forget thatπŸ’₯ I have my days when I am focused & feel pretty strong, some days not so focused & not so strong. I had cancer 2020-2022, the chemo/radiation and surgery kicked my butt, I pray all the time, I know God is in charge. I believe in God, I trust humanity. I know sometimes I need to know & accept my limitations πŸ™πŸΌGodspeed friendπŸ™πŸΌπŸΈβ€οΈπŸ’₯

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Debby dorothy donated @Debbydorothy
27 April, 04:19
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Take care of yourself too.πŸ™

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