Patriot AztekJade @AztekJade
"Our corrupt US government is so embarrassing and so disgusting."

~ Follow The White Rabbit
12:18 PM - Apr 07, 2022
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Made In America @eyes_on_justice
07 April, 12:28
In response Patriot AztekJade to her Publication
I know, I say the same thing. Hubby gets onto me for saying that but he doesn't understand that our Gov't has always been embarrassing and disgusting because they're nothing but a crime syndicate. Always have been. He still loves George Bush, thought he was a great man. PLEASE. I don't care. It is what it is.

THEIR very existence is ILLEGAL. This CORPORATION IS ILLEGAL. Taxing Americans is ILLEGAL. The IRS is ILLEGAL. The FBI doesn't even have a corporate charter and was created by a President (illegal because President's don't write laws), so THEY'RE all in positions of power based on lies and theft of our nation. THEY'RE ALL THIEVES AND LIARS.

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Patriot AztekJade @AztekJade
07 April, 12:33
In response Made In America to her Publication
Thank you for your words of TRUTH. I believe exactly as you do! 🌷

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