Kat istheSea3 donated @KatistheSea3
18 January, 02:04
Juan O Savin

“We’re about to see some really cool stuff start happening..
The Law of War Manual has all these LEGAL triggers..
of how you can LEGALLY conduct a war..
An attack occurred against America
& it was a Digital attack..
If somebody could come in & get people THEY wanted into office..
& did it Digitally or through Ballots
that weren’t the will of the voters, the American people..
It is an Act of War
if you subvert another country’s Elections.
That is in a LEGAL sense, according to the Geneva Convention
where all these signer countries agree
they won’t do certain things cuz it’s an Act of War..
UNLESS certain circumstances happen
& you CAN go to war & justify it:
bad guys are raping babies [elites]
harming their population [usury]
some kind of genocide is occurring [vax]
& then you say
well we’re justified to go to war to stop the evil
& somebody has to step up
& be the policeman to the world [Q-USA.]”

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Chonita Nigus @Chonita
19 January, 09:24
In response Kat istheSea3 to her Publication
Excellent summaries Kat! You do such a great job pointing out key information from Juan's interviews! It's a huge help to those unable to listen to them. I thank you for all of your time and effort put into keeping people informed

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Kat istheSea3 @KatistheSea3
🙏 Thank you so much, Chonita.
Your kind words mean the world to me 💐
I wrote a blog last night
with a longer transcript of Juan's 1-17-22 interview.
Enclose the link for you
& for any you know
who may want to understand the IMPORTANCE of
the Law of War Manual going forward.
Juan is a Historian & a great storyteller,
& he puts things neatly & clearly.
I understand not everyone has the time
to listen to the vids
so I'm happy to transcribe Juan, Gene, et al
for everyone.
My little offerings to the war effort 💪🇺🇸💞😽

12:14 PM - Jan 19, 2022
In response Chonita Nigus to her Publication
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