12-1-21 🇺🇸 Juan O Savin

With the prosecutor being the daughter of James Comey —
Look, there's a club here..
but the public is losing patience with these clubs..
Whether it’s the Corporations,
Political Realm, Scientific realm.
Remember, part of the Epstein stuff was he loved “Science”
so they’d have Professors etc. coming out to the island.
Cuz if they get to pick who gets
certain offices in the Universities
they promote certain ideas
& they get to make sure that
the people who hold those positions
will decide what Science gets pursued
& what companies get the advantages in that Science.
With the Epstein/Ghislaine trial
It’s not even about THEM
That's where things
really start to come unraveled..
That's what the trial begins to crack
some of those facades.
It's the dam breaking.
When you see those fishes showing up in the dam
it may not be gone yet
but it’s getting closer by the hour 💥

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In response Kat istheSea3 to her Publication

The evil cabal is all about control and the way they control is thru the mind with enticement and deception ( just like satan did to Eve in the garden by the way). Then [they] add blackmail. Once the visitors to the island are enticed and deceived to take part in [their] souless debauchery, then the island visitors are trapped for life, captives to that blackmail controlled by their evil masters. The only way out is to repent,
( turn in a new direction) and leave that darkness. Most will not because the evil cabal then threatens their lives or the lives of the visitors loved ones.