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09 November, 08:18
The Concert by a little known singer was a trap to offer sacrafices to Satan. They may have had the jabb as there were 5G transmitters around that area where all were sealed in. It was the frequency of the 5G signal that were tuned to cause the Graphene Oxide to collect and form a solid while that frequency was broadcast. In addition, they had opened a portal to hell and demons were invading people too. Satan above the stage and burning. This is just the beginning. You must Wear the Full Armor of God now.

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Made In America @eyes_on_justice
I posted this earlier and I'll post it here as well. Ancient idol worshippers believed objects they made were inhabited by their god's (evil spirits). This is why they performed rituals to "open the mouth" of the statue or object they created. The mouth and nostrils had to be ritually opened for the evil spirit to move in and occupy, a notion inspired by the idea that one needs to breathe to live. The idol had to be animated with the very real spiritual presence of the bad spirit. Once that was done, the demon (s) was localized for worship.

Sadly, unbeknownst to probably all that attended that concert, once they went though that mouth, they were part of an ancient Satanic ritual.
08:41 PM - Nov 09, 2021
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