Been watching an expose on freemasonry and its satanic roots. This song from POD came to mind. I agree with that last line.

P.O.D. - Rise of NWO

Black magic, vile havoc, destructive habits
Violates, illuminates into your mind labyrinth
Threefold sixes, sick, twisted sadistic
Maniacal optics emerges through your power systems
Service in secrecy, theories of conspiracy
End times prophecy, round table, freemasonry
The open scheme, forth Reich Illuminati
Protocols of a brave New Age alien raid philosophy

Staring Evil in the eye!
(Are you ready for the rise)
Staring Evil in the eye!
(Of the New World Order?) [x2]

Black crows to souls sold at the crossroads
Bar codes, evolution, maybe the pope knows
Mind altering, population control
Global surveillance, big brother. Enjoy the show?
The final piece, the false priest with false peace
These prophecies, will arise from the middle east
Economy, religion, politics we all need
But I will never take your mark of the bea

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All i know is that i woke up one morning in an alternate universe & i want out. i can joins ur flock plz?

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holy crap! blast from the past there! i had forgotten all about these guys! what was that, like, '92/93ish?

Don't stop now. Don't give up. Keep pressing forward until your goal is reached. Stand up for righteousness. #WWG1WGA #Trump

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Not quite that old. I think 95/96 was when they started. They released their CD Satellite on September 11th 2001 (featuring the songs; Alive, Youth of the Nation, and Boom).

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