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this is what made me come dig thru your page today.
The device I saw it on doesnt have sound, so I searched
from my other device.
everyone needs to hear this, because it's every industry.
They are now admitting that it's an experimental trial
when it comes to vaxxing children. I am sure ppl are
signing something without reading or thinking.
This is a slow rolling ELE
gonna affect humanity for generations
what they say about med beds is a hope
we'll see. I'm suspicious of everything that
might personally affect me.

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Employees willingly give up personal information all the time. Same people that willingly lined up and took that shot. Some of the same people who were so proud of getting it, they tattooed it on themselves and got a free doughnut.

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In response Liberty 1111 to his Publication

If an employer forced all their employees to take the jab to keep their jobs and then learns about the effects of the jab, they KNOW.

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