Hey just realized something very scary, revelation 9:15 says, And the four angels were loosed, Which were prepared for an hour, and the day, in a month, in the year for two slay a third part of men. All four major vaccine companies by the end of 2021 will have administered a combine 2.8 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccines divide that by 7.6 billion, which is the population of people on earth you get 1/3 of the earths population

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you should watch this...


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The rabbit hole is deep! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Mind blown bigly watching this!

This is Session#5 of the Free and Brave Conference from last weekend with Dr. David Martin.

The vaccination business model started in 1803. Very interesting information.


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i think you are on to something

Jesus Christ. Q Team, our POTUS DJT. SATAN BEGONE! SAVE THE CHILDREN! Hold the Line, Patriots.

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when Q said it will be Biblical ... I always saw the heavens opening and the sea parting, but this?! What you just pointed out with the VAX scam is totally YIKES. 😲

Q and everyone around POTUS always say PRAY.
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