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3 Year Delta

"IRAN-DAILY" = 93 (English Ordinal) 🤔


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In response PURE ART to his Publication

Pickle 🤔

💧#1359 > We await your answer [48].

💧#1394 >Think Pickle Factory. Q

💧#48 🤔

💧#1965 > This movement is BIGGER than you can imagine.


💧#1547 > Occam's Razor. Q

Pickle Factory (Central Intelligence Agency or CIA nickname)
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the successor to World War II’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The CIA has been nicknamed the “Pickle Factory” since at least 1965, when that name was cited in print. The precise meaning of “Pickle Factory” is not known. The CIA’s intelligence briefings sent to the president were called “pickles,” but it’s not known if this term preceded the “Pickle Factory” nickname.


In response PURE ART to his Publication

Note: 1394 - 1359 = 35 🤔

35 > JFK

💧#35 > “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Love is patient, love is kind.”

God bless my fellow Americans.

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In response PURE ART to his Publication

Last Q💧#4953 - 1359 = Q💧#3594

4953 3594 🤔

We're Not Gonna Take It - STOP THE STEAL (from 💧#4953)

Future World Music - Victory Of Life (Volume.11 Preview - early 2011) (from 💧#3594)

🌟🌸🌟You are searching the world for treasure but the real treasure is Yourself ~Rumi🌟🌸🌟

In response PURE ART to his Publication

well let's just get down the music, first off, shall we?

for whatever reason, that song gives me the same
sort of chillbumps that the music from LOTR
when the elves arrive at helm's deep 🤓🙃

trying to find the word... a calling? honor? nobility?
something deep and very sacred to the core,
and it seems i had liked that vid already!

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