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Bro wtf🧐🧐🧐🧐
It looks like he's got so many teeth!!!!!!

I saw a video on the actual masks of Biden, Trump and so on. The masks, most of them, are now sporting their own set of teeth. So what you are probably seeing is in the case of Biden there are 2 Biden's Jim Woods (West Coast) and Jim Carey (East Coast) and you are seeing the teeth that would have been Biden's actual teeth. Whereas behind where you see another set of teeth it is the actual actors teeth. I'm surprised the mask wasn't made where their teeth fit into a prothesis of the masks teeth.

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Jim Carrey was executed do you think they'd have a criminal playing the role???

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Not sure. Conspiracy Daily says he was executed but other sources are saying he was not but is still a black hat. If he is still alive and that he is actually playing Biden, it might be he was given the privilege of playing the role and in return instead of hanging, firing squad, gas chamber he will get lethal injection and just go to sleep. We won't know the real story until it is all over.

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