Watch the water. May have multiple meanings what does water make up? Oceans, Seas, Lakes and Rivers and what is the largest river on earth, the Amazon, could it mean watch Amazon. Pre Jan 20 won’t help distribute Vaccines, de-platforms Parlor, stops Trump/Patriot Sales post Jan 20 let us help distribute vaccines, mail in ballots bad and we want in person voting on union votes. Imagine if the unions got into Amazon it would destroy them as they would have to pay hire wages, couldn’t fire people easy, wind up with giving pensions to workers, better health care plans and much more. 1/2

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If a vote for a union is cheated on the union is in automatically from my understanding and once in they control the business. There was a great chicken place near where I use to live that went union and the owner couldn’t kick them out. He thought about shutting down and firing everyone for a few months but found out that if he re-opened the union would still be in place. So he closed the whole business down for ever.

In response AJA Lazerr to his Publication

I think he started a new business but the old building is still there closed and boarded up seven years later and still hasn’t even sold. No one wants to take over the franchise at that location because it would be union. I would be so happy to see Amazon in that situation.

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