22 May, 12:29

Today: Moms Across America just got back their toxic metals testing results for baby formula

They tested 20 brands including organic, “All of them, a 100% of the 40 samples tested positive for toxic aluminum and lead. All of them. 80% of the samples had lead levels that were higher than what the EPA allows in drinking water. This is very disturbing. Lead is super toxic and harmful for brain development.

At 41,000 parts per billion of aluminum in one of the goat's milk baby formulas, that level was 4,000 to 40,000 times higher than the other heavy metals that were found in the, in baby formulas. And that level, when consumed on a daily basis at a normal rate, the way babies normally do, will exceed what the FDA allows in drinking water, or for consumption for of aluminum for a preemie baby.

So these babies are getting toxic levels of aluminum in this goat's milk baby formula. It's called, Cabrida.

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Robert Franz @afsocrob
They will poison your Baby one way or another.
10:40 AM - May 22, 2024
In response USCG VET to his Publication
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Royal Raven @Royalraven
22 May, 08:26
In response Robert Franz to his Publication
I would rely on breast milk over any baby formulas.

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