Dale Bradburn @Seekeroftruth1776
The Aether is buzzin’ after after a short break. All signs in this cosmos point to the occurrence of ongoing & upcoming evolutionary events on Earth.

This same Light & Energy is a wrecking ball to the old systems & structures. Humanity have passed a point of no return into a peaceful & advanced cosmic race. As part of the final stages, High-Level Energetic Clearing Missions will trigger vortices in intense weather storms. It will require lots of Energy to maintain your personal quantum reality in the Eye of the Storms.

As Photon Light blast into your Auric Field — causing strong ascension symptoms, do your best not to react too much as ‘operating systems’ must be ‘powered down’ for installation upgrades.

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07:26 PM - May 14, 2024
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Dale Bradburn @Seekeroftruth1776
14 May, 07:26
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Take good care of your physical, mental, emotional & Aetheric bodies. A major dimensional shift is underway as the frequency around Earth went into a Max-Q State in the last few days. A massive influx of new inbound intergalactic armada has arrived. Benevolent Light Forces in the sky & on the ground are performing Advanced Coronal Frequency Modifications to continue to raise Earth's vibration. Powerful 40+ hertz Gamma Waves of Plasmic Light are bouncing off of the Sun & back to Earth’s surface.

The current Schumann Resonance are reflecting these vibrational fields that envelopes the whole planet. A new Crystalline Grid is being activated, so don't forget to breathe as this High Frequency Light comes in. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨

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