Juris Prudence Civilis @corpus
Jesuit order and -Frankism
The understanding needed is that at the core, they're one in the same Frankist movement, galvanized since 1776.

"Their plan for bringing about the conditions necessary for the End of Days Redemption is being utilized and followed to usher in a One World Government"

At the very top it appears that this plague that the world is suffering from is Roman in origin, that is to say, the Roman Empire never left, it just rebranded itself as a religion and has used proxy and powers and infiltrated governments, along with their agents, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schiffs, etc and their acquired territories to take over the world. We in America, as an insolvent country brought to bankruptcy in 1933 by Rothschilds central banking, are one of those conquered and controlled territories. We have been under an illusion, a sort of live-action Jesuit theater that makes us believe we still have a government, and that we are somehow free.

05:38 AM - Apr 22, 2024
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Faith FreeTheChildrenQ @Faith
23 April, 03:01
In response Juris Prudence Civilis to her Publication
About that estate sale of the Roths....

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