Angels Here -Z @SirHuckleberry
Good night Patriots.
Sweet dreams of where you want to go next.

I know there is a lot going on right now, but we have prepared for this, most of us, for a long time now.

Most of what is coming out in the public now is info we have been posting for yrs, try not to get bogged down or stressed over all the noise.


For sure don't fall back into believing what we see on MSM cabal networks. They have lied to us every day of our lives and just because there will be emergencies happening don't start back to believing them.

Trust God, yourself, and lean into remembering what you have learned and what you ACTUALLY see happening around you in your neighborhoods or trusted alternative news sources.
That is Nana's advice, yeah not asked for but given with love.

12:45 AM - Nov 29, 2023
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