Hope all of the anons/ppl waking up realize that when we get activated (5D Light body), our body does not get affected anymore by the lower vibe Hz-techs...We have transcended all the lower Hz, so these are just propaganda for fear. Besides, 45/mil made sure of that back in 2016, shared that post, where he had a roundtable w/ all the tech giants even apple, to start making techs to align w/ incoming change of the Hz that we the gridcrew are doing BTS to change back her system to harmonizing Hz. If you believe otherwise, then you stay stuck in that 3D carbon base body to not transform/activate DNA w/in to align to New Earth Hz. Like I posted, learn to discern, and believe in the Q (Quantum) plan to change back to 369-Heaven on Earth Hz.
11:12 PM - Sep 21, 2023
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