JesusIsThe SonOfGod @JesusIsTheSonOfGod
WHY are ILLEGAL ALIENS receiving ANY benefits
American Taxpayers
$2,200 / month?

THEY COMMITTED FELONIES BY INVADING OUR COUNTRY. They are NOT "migrants" they are #IllegalAliens and now #Criminals by INVADING OUR country.

I've had relatives who WORKED THEIR ENTIRE LIVES in OUR #Republic & only made $1500 - $2000 per month from their Social Security "benefit." They lived in sub-standard housing & paid HALF of their Social Security check for rent & paid for their food, utilities, healthcare, etc. with what was left.

This is nothing less than #Tyranny by the #tyrants in OUR government. The tyrants in OUR government who allow this, and failed to PROTECT OUR BORDERS, ARE #Guilty OF #Treason .

>>> #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw - Especially #IllegalAliens .

01:10 PM - Sep 21, 2023
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