Kat istheSea3 @KatistheSea3
“That’s the way the world ends
not with a bang but a whimper.”
T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men

😼 The Covid-19 psyop came in with a bang March 2020
& is going out like a whimper May 2023.
But in the middle MILLIONS have died & are dying
businesses & jobs have been lost
& families, friends & colleagues are bitterly divided
over a deep state demon hoax.

They wanted to annihilate humanity, make a buck
& relish the agony & suffering
they further inflicted on a long enslaved Humanity.


Their psyop didn’t work the way they wanted
& THEY are on the run 💥


🕯 MJTruth

JUST IN - United States ends travel ban
for unvaccinated international travelers
as well as vaccine requirements
for federal employees & contractors on May 11.

May 11 is the same day Title 42 ends….

@ candesinthenight
03:23 PM - May 02, 2023
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