Jack Wightman @jtwightman
New Cities deserve fresh ideas 💡, free from State Legislation and Federal Regulations. Water from the ground, captured energy, graphene and hemp textiles and infrastructure. Sun energy with 3,6,9 Synchronization to other Cities. 1776 Curriculum with Vocational, God's Law and Life Skills. No more Man's Laws chaining citizens to debt, Taxation and Usury from Parasitic Predators in Legislation. All Men are Created Equal. No Sin Commerce and Trade, Thrift and Free Will in Thy Kingdom to Come~One~
08:03 AM - Mar 04, 2023
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Happy Days @Sun2516
04 March, 08:08
In response Jack Wightman to his Publication
It looks like Smart Cities /something evil are going to be pushed.

We do Not have a Justice Department we are not skipping to Fantasyland.

Justice is Step One ☝️
I am not seeing it yet.

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Jack Wightman @jtwightman
04 March, 09:07
In response Happy Days to his Publication
Not writing about Smart MEGA Cities. Light Cities, people choose to live in Dark Deary Police States. People always blame instead of doing something about itself. It's ALL WEAPONIZED CYBER AND VIRTUAL SHELLS. Same Characters and growing to hole 🕳 up individuals, families and communities. 5D is here in Sovereign. 4D is a Prison Warder Consciousness. CharACTer is Action not Motives, Agendas and Profiteering. Quantum Leap out of 3D, out of State 4D onto 5D Grace and Glory. Fear and Guilt is WEARY WEAPONIZED Compassions in Authority and Philosophies of Men and Women. Plagiarism is Constant Profiteering. Why some of Us get banned WE KNOW WHO THE CLOWNS ARE.~One~

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