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This may seem impossible, unbelievable, maybe crazy . . .


This is FACT!

Once this is experienced, you'll drop all Fear like a hot potato!

1. Find a Fire Walk and participate.
When One stands at the end of a 6 to 8 foot by 3 foot bed of red coals, Knowing that releasing ALL fear is necessary to walk the coals without burning feet, Letting Go of ALL fear and stepping on the coals, seeing yourself on the other side is Powerful and Affirming!
Yep! Have done this twice.
2. Release ALL Fear, Raise Your Frequency and walk into busy store. This can be done without being seen, except by those of a similar Frequency and those you choose to interact with (draw attention to you), like the cashier.
This on several occasions, as experiments.

For you Christians, Remember what your Jesus told you:
(paraphrasing). "These things I do You can do and MORE!"
10:15 PM - Feb 09, 2023
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