Kobayashi ADMIN donated @administrator
28 January, 11:54
Please clear your cookies. CTRL+F5.

Still working on other bugs but pictures and videos should be loading now after you refresh and clear cookies.

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Cynthia Conkling @CynthiaConkling
28 January, 12:30
In response Kobayashi ADMIN to his Publication
It says via a star icon that I donated. I did not donate. Is this a mistake or are you taking money from on of my accounts?

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Christopher Gibbons @ChristopherGibbons
I'm having the exact same issue. On my profile and seeing my name header on comments, I don't see anything attached. It's only on the main page where you see your avatar and name on the left column, there is a blue checkmark and donated star. It may be a false buggy and I have faith the administration team will fix it soon.
01:30 PM - Jan 28, 2023
In response Cynthia Conkling to her Publication
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